In my previous blog, Boudoir Pt. 1: Preparing Your Body and Mind for Stunning Photos, I discussed time-tested tips and tricks for looking and feeling your best before your shoot; I gave you a list of foods to reduce bloating, discussed the importance of hydration for glowing skin, gave advice for picking the perfect wardrobe, and guided you through a self-love exercise to prepare your mind for your upcoming boudoir photo shoot. If you skipped straight to part 2 of my series, I highly encourage you to visit part 1, as it will give you context.

As I made clear in part 1, Boudoir is about much more than just looking beautiful, it’s about being vulnerable, celebrating your unique beauty, and creating art that reflects your identity. Once your date is set and your session is booked, we will seek inspiration together, hunt down unique locations that reflect your personality, settle on the perfect story, and finally, we’ll get to play, create, and make some pretty badass memories together.


Location is the cornerstone of your photo shoot because it sets the scene for your story. Rather than using a neutral, undisruptive space, select a location that is interesting and full of character to help enhance the mood and tell the story of your session. As a Portland boudoir photographer, I know of a variety of great photoshoot locations in the Pacific Northwest; whether you are looking for artistic, outdoorsy, glamor, playful, or vintage locations, together, we can find the perfect setting to tell your story.

If you’re earthy, nature loving, and have a passion for all things green, then consider tracking down a green house, private garden, or secluded landscape for your boudoir session. If you like unique architecture, modern design, and a homey setting, I recommend taking a look at what Airbnb.com has to offer. If you love a good adventure, dream of far off places, and consider travel your number one priority, you might want to consider taking your boudoir session on the road and booking it in your favorite destination city, be it Seattle or Barcelona. The options are endless!

Los Angeles Boudoir Photography by Briana MorrisonPink Hair Los Angeles Boudoir Session by Briana MorrisonPROPS

Any great location isn’t complete without a few hand-selected props. A good prop can help a lot. The wig and bouquet in the photographs above play a huge part in her story and highlight two of her favorite things/personality traits, playfulness & flowers.

Props are a great way to enhance your story, and to give you something to interact with during your photo shoot. They provide you with the opportunity to bring personality to your photographs; they add elements to the frame that help the viewer get to know you on a deeper level.

If you’re into Americana, bring some turquoise jewelry and an American flag, if you love dance, bring your favorite dancing shoes, and if you have a passion for travel bring your friend’s VW bus, a few maps, and a camera. Props make the photo shoot truly your own.


To conclude part 1 and part 2 of my Boudoir blog series, I want to encourage you to book your boudoir session early. Booking one month, or more, in advance will allow us to thoroughly plan your boudoir session. This time frame will allow us to find the perfect location, fill your mind with positivity and self-love, select a stunning wardrobe, and really dive into the story you’d like to tell with your images.

When you book a session with me, you’ll see that boudoir is about more than dressing up in lingerie and posing like a Victoria’s Secret model, it’s about showcasing the person you are, expressing yourself creatively, and taking a few hours to really reconnect with yourself and appreciate what makes you beautiful.




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