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Bohemian Boudoir Session with Leah Morris – Part 1

Leah Morris posing on a sheepskin rug for a film bohemian boudoir session with Briana Morrison+

It was late Saturday afternoon, with the sun high in the sky, that I packed up a few of my favorite film cameras, a couple handfuls of film, and ran out the door to meet my friend Shannon in her white CRV.

Giddily, we drove a few blocks to my favorite vintage fashion shop, Three Sixty Ecotiqe, in order to pick out some rad fashion accessories for the bohemian boudoir session we were about to shoot.

We were blessed with a black lace hi-low dress, a sheepskin-lined leather vest, a kick-ass pair of high waist jeans, and a number of beautiful body chains.

With our selections in hand we hopped in the car and made our way to an empty white house in an old neighborhood lined with tall flowering trees.

Leah met us there and together the three of us made magic until the sun fell behind the horizon and the light faded to a soft blue-grey.

Leah Morris in dramatic light.  Black and white film photograph by Briana Morrison.+

Leah Morris close up on a film bohemian boudoir session by Briana Morrison+

Leah Morris in a black lace hi-low dress from Three Sixty Ecotique+

Black lace hi-low dress from Three Sixty Ecotique in this film bohemian boudoir session by Briana Morrison+

Black lace dress in a bohemian boudoir session by Briana Morrison+

Black and white boudoir portrait by Briana Morrison+

Film portraits of Leah Morris in this boudoir session by Briana Morrison+

Film bohemian boudoir session with a banjo and headband from Stay In The Light Co. by Briana Morrison+

Outdoor bohemian boudoir on film with Briana Morrison+

Portrait of Leah Morris by Briana Morrison+

This was a film only boudoir session and a collaboration between myself and Shannon Rosan. Please take a look at Shannon’s blog to view her version of this shoot. A huge thank you to Three Sixty Ecotique for providing wardrobe and to Leah Morris for being so amazing to work with!

Leah enters the house, an animated .gif by Briana Morrison+

  • May 22, 2013 - 10:42 am
  • May 22, 2013 - 10:51 am

    Bill Persons - Beautiful work, Brianna, and Shannon’s as well. It was fun to see two visions of the same setting and subject.ReplyCancel

    • May 22, 2013 - 10:55 am

      Bria - Thank you Bill! and Thank you Nanette!ReplyCancel

  • May 22, 2013 - 11:02 am

    Elaina Dart - Wow! This is fabulous!ReplyCancel

  • May 22, 2013 - 11:06 am

    Marla - Wow Briana, each one is completely captivating and beautiful! I’m mesmerized by the creative use of lighting and poses (especially in the b/w images) and the choice of film just elevates the awesomeness so much higher than digital ever could. Completely amazed!!ReplyCancel

    • May 22, 2013 - 5:12 pm

      Bria - Marla – Thank you so much. Film really does add a special something. 🙂 I need to work with it more.ReplyCancel

  • May 22, 2013 - 11:42 am

    Shannon Rosan - GAH!!! I LOVE yours!!! And your gif at the end is amazing! Now I can’t wait for us to share part 2!!!ReplyCancel

    • May 22, 2013 - 5:11 pm

      Bria - Shannon – That’s my first ever gif! I can’t wait to get my film back from part 2…. oh and those Polaroids! *love*ReplyCancel

  • May 22, 2013 - 1:34 pm

    Debra - Wow Bria! These are amazing shots. Such great work.ReplyCancel

    • May 22, 2013 - 5:10 pm

      Bria - Debra – Thank you so much! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • May 22, 2013 - 4:09 pm

    Jade Sheldon - Absolutely STUNNING, Bria! We need to do an all film session together…ReplyCancel

    • May 22, 2013 - 5:09 pm

      Bria - Jade – YES!!! Lets do one in Aug. 😉ReplyCancel

  • May 24, 2013 - 12:03 am

    jojo - these are stunning!!ReplyCancel

  • May 24, 2013 - 4:43 pm

    Genevieve Morrison - Absolutely STUNNING!!!!ReplyCancel

  • May 27, 2013 - 8:02 pm

    Kim - Bria, you blew my socks off with this session. Your boudoir work just gets better and better, and it was already so gorgeous and refined to begin with! I’m excited about gathering up what little bits of courage I have and hiring you for a boudoir shoot someday. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • May 28, 2013 - 8:08 pm

      Bria - Kim – Aww Thank you so much! I would LOVE and be honored to photograph your boudoir session some day. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • May 28, 2013 - 10:24 am

    Anni - These are beyond beautiful… the film is magical and the images themselves are stunning.ReplyCancel

  • May 31, 2013 - 1:29 am

    shima - it was feminin.I liked itReplyCancel

  • July 22, 2013 - 12:27 pm

    Shannon & Milan // Portland Anniversary Photographer - […] and Milan are two of my favorite people. We geek out on photography gear together, we shoot together, we gush about food together, and they are most definitely one of the sweetest couples I’ve […]ReplyCancel

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