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How To Get the Most Out Of Your Boudoir Session

Boudoir Tips - How To Get the Most Out Of Your Boudoir Session by Portland, Oregon based photographer Briana Morrison+

Book Early – Booking one month, or more, in advance will allow us to thoroughly plan your boudoir session.  Your boudoir session is about more than dressing up in lingerie and posing like a Victoria’s Secret model.  This time frame will allow us to find the perfect location, hunt down a stunning wardrobe, and really dive into the story you’d like to tell with your images.

Boudoir in the Pearl - Boudoir photography by Briana Morrison in Portland, Oregon+

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box! – If you’re familiar with my boudoir photography you’ll have noticed it’s a little different from most other boudoir photography out there.  Every session is unique, it tells a tory, and my clients are never posed in stiff pin-up style positions.  I don’t shoot in a studio, I shy away from generic hotel rooms, and I ask you to actively participate in the planning of your session.  These unique photographs require trust,  teamwork, a willingness to think outside of the box, and an eagerness to make art.  Once your date is set and your session is booked we will seek inspiration together, hunt down unique locations, settle on the perfect story, and finally, we’ll get to play, create and make some pretty bad-ass memories together.

Boudoir Tips - Choosing the right location is everything! By Portland, Oregon photographer Briana Morrison+

Location, Location, Location – I can’t stress enough how important it is to choose the right location for your shoot.  The best boudoir photography tells a story and the location you choose plays a huge roll in the story you tell.  If you’re earthy, nature loving, and have a passion for all things green then consider tracking down a green house, private garden, or secluded landscape for your boudoir session.  If you like unique architecture, modern design, and a homey setting I recommend taking a look at what has to offer.  If you love a good adventure, dream of far off places, and consider travel your number one priority you might want to consider taking your boudoir session on the road and booking it in your favorite destination city be it Seattle or Barcelona.  The options are endless!

Portrait of a woman wearing lingerie in a kitchen. By Portland Lingerie Photographer Briana Morrison+

Play Dress Up – The best boudoir wardrobe isn’t full of garters and corsets, in fact, modern spandex ridden thigh-highs have this annoying habit of digging into your legs creating unsightly dents and rolls on your otherwise perfect stems.  Create an inspiration board on, look at what the ladies are wearing in the images you’ve chosen and draw inspiration from there.  If you see a lot of lace, chunky sweaters, cute panties, or artistic nudes then pack accordingly.  Above all, make sure you try on everything you bring to your session, make sure it fits well and that you love yourself in what you’re wearing.  The most attractive thing on a woman is confidence.

An alternative boudoir session complete with skulls, tattoos, and vintage paintings in eerie light. by Portland Photographer Briana Morrison+

Bring Props – This brings us back to story creation.  It’s hard to tell a story without props, not to say that it can’t be done but a good prop can help a lot.  The skull in the photograph above plays a huge part in the story and highlights one of her favorite passions & collections, bones.  Props provide you with the opportunity to bring personality to your shoot; they add element which helps the viewer get to know you on a deeper level.  So if you’re into Americana, bring some turquoise jewelry and an American flag, if you love dance bring your favorite dancing shoes, and if you have a passion for travel bring your friend’s VW bus, a few maps, and a camera.

Boudoir Portrait by Briana Morrison+

Hydrate – I can’t stress enough the importance of hydration.  For silky, you-know-you-want-to-touch-me skin drink up to 3 liters of water a day and no less than two.  Start now, from the moment you know you want to book a boudoir session.  Drinking this much water can be a challenge if you aren’t used to it so allow yourself some time to build up the tolerance.  Yes, you may have to run to the loo a few more times that usual but after a few weeks of consistent hydration your body will get used to it, rid you of excess water weight, and add a nice glow to your skin.


Eat Like A Rabbit – And by that I mean eat yo veggies!  Avoiding meat and dairy helps prevent bloating and the influx of fiber will help clean your system and flatten your stomach.  If going from 0 to 100% vegan is too much for you to handle try replacing one meal a day with a giant vitamin packed salad.  Skip the ranch dressing in favor of a little olive oil and lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, add some carrots, radish, cucumber, sprouts, or roasted beets for variety, and munch away.  Trust me, this is one of the BEST things you can do for your body.

VSCO Boudoir Session by Briana Morrison+

Think Positive – I know this can be hard, for many women it’s the most difficult part of preparing for a boudoir session, but thinking positive is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.  Thinking about your dislikes, and especially voicing those thoughts, will eat at your confidence and leech the joy from your session replacing it with worry and fear, so don’t go there!  Leading up to their shoot I ask all of my clients to meditate on what they love most about their body and before we start photographing I ask them to tell me what they’ve come up with.  This can be anything from embracing your mother’s eyes, finding pride in your big booty, or loving the way your body responds to your partner’s touch.  It can be anything as long as it’s positive.


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    Sara - Great advice all around, your boudoir photography is unlike anything else in the business- it needs a new name. Can’t wait for the timelines to align and for Tom and I too book a couples “boudoir” shoot with you.


    • January 21, 2015 - 1:12 pm

      Briana - Thank you, Sara! And I totally agree about needing a new name. I can’t wait to do a couple’s boudoir session with you and Tom one of these days either! xoReplyCancel

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