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Peach Season = My Favorite Season

There are few things I look forward to more than I do peach season.  Growing up in Northern California I was spoiledRead More »


Lifestyle of the Almost Vegan – My Bout with Polycystic Kidney Disease

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease, a hereditary disease that effects the kidneys’Read More »


Food Photography for Sweet Cottage

A few years ago Andrew and I were wandering down Broadway enjoying our evening browsing the Thursday Night Market inRead More »


The Health Challenge – Vegan & Gluten Free, The First 16 Days

16 days in and I feel great! Half of this year’s vegan & gluten free month is over and it has been muchRead More »


The Health Challenge – It Begins Today

Today marks the beginning of another chapter in my personal adventure to better health. Every year, for the month ofRead More »


Foodie Adventures – eat. Las Vegas

While I was in Las Vegas for the filming of Film Season 2 my cousin suggested I try a restaurant called eat. AndrewRead More »


In This Moment

I desperately want to share something with you today.  Something profoundly heartfelt and interesting… But theRead More »


Autumn Transitions

Autumn is finally starting to greet us here in northern California and I find myself fully embracing the changing ofRead More »


Tea Infused Vodka // Food Photographer

My dear friend Dinah, author of, asked me to help her out with a few photographs for her blog postRead More »


While I Wait- I Cook

While I’m waiting for my home computer to get fixed, so that I can get to back to work scanning and editingRead More »


Holy Moroccan Tea, Batman!

Some of you might remember my good friend Dinah Russell from this post about tea over on my old blog.  She is theRead More »


Adventures in Moroccan Cooking // Food Photographer

Have you ever traveled somewhere, eaten something amazing, and tried to recreate the same thing once you gotRead More »