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Autumn Transitions

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Autumn is finally starting to greet us here in northern California and I find myself fully embracing the changing of seasons this year.

The days are slowly getting cooler and the nights just a wee bit longer.

When I dig through my closet in the early mornings I reach for sweaters instead of tank tops and flats instead of sandals.

When I walked into work Monday morning the latest issue of Kinfolk was waiting for me.  It was all I could do not to feign illness and go home to read.  I cracked it open last night, with the house to myself and the kitties cozy on my lap I started to read about home and autumn rituals.

Though I’m feeling restless in this small town, I feel very much at home in my quirky little house.  This feeling intensifies when the oven is warming the kitchen and filling the rooms with the tasty scent of baked squash and roasted vegetables.

I find myself wanting to clean out my cupboards and stock them full of wintery ingredients.  Beans and lentils and flour for baking bread.  I want to embrace the season by cleaning my home and preparing it for long days cozied up on the couch with a good book and a mug of my favorite tea.

It’s a wonderful thing, this passing of time.  Something I’m learning to cherish more and more as the years float by.


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