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Reviews for Briana Morrison Photography


Katerina  |  Portland, Oregon

” Words cannot express how impressed and delighted I am with my photoshoot. Briana takes photography far beyond the expected and creates incredible works of art with every shot. The experience itself was so much fun I didn’t want it to end. She really took my taste and desires into consideration and guided the session beautifully. I’m glad I have such incredible photos to look back on and remember it for the rest of my life! I highly recommend hiring Briana to take your photos, you won’t regret it.”


Basak  |  Los Angeles, California

” I cannot thank Briana enough for the amazing gift she has given me by taking my photographs. I now have photos I hope to show my grandkids in the future. She can truly see the light in people and in nature, and she captures the best moments. All my friends and family love my photos. I am camera shy, and working with her was a wonderfully relaxed experience for me… Thank you Briana for all the directions you gave during our session. You made me look the best I could and in my element. You are the best.”


Ian  |  Portland, Oregon

” My wife and I recently had the pleasure of doing a shoot with Briana. Although she has worked professionally with my wife before, this was my first time meeting her and it was a fantastic experience. She was courteous and professional throughout the shoot, but at the same time we had a ton of fun. We shot all around the city at all the old apartments, bars, and parks that my wife and I hung around when we first started dating. It was an awesome idea for a shoot, and really took us down memory lane. I’ve already seen some initial edits and they look amazing. All around awesome person with a great eye for capturing a moment! Thanks again.”


Maya  |  Seattle, Washington

” I generally hate giving reviews of things, but Briana deserves one. She is an incredible photographer and just a genuinely awesome person to spend a half a day with (as is her fiancé/second photographer/pack mule, Andrew). We ended up with amazing wedding album, a cute little USB packed with all the beautiful photos, and some gorgeous Polaroids. Plus, some fun people to hang out with next time we’re in Portland.”


Diana  |  Portland, Oregon

” I can hardly describe how grateful I am to have had Briana as our wedding photographer. Briana captured the spirit of our celebration so fully: its beauty and its quirkiness. She worked hard to understand who Nat and I were as a couple, the significance of where we chose to get married, and what we hoped for in our wedding photos. At the wedding, she and Andrew put everyone at ease and kept us laughing. They were some of the best guests at our wedding. Briana is not only an elegant, professional photographer, but she is a thoughtful, good-spirited person. I highly recommend her.”


Fawn  |  Newport, Oregon

” Briana thank you so much for the awesome photography you did at our wedding! You and Andrew were so sweet and fun to be around. You made Jeff and I who are normally camera shy feel at ease. I appreciated how easy going you guys were with the events of the day and dealing with our family members and friends of all sorts. I especially loved the candid photos of people dancing, hugging and visiting with each other. We are so appreciative of your hard work and talent! I hope to get to some boudoir or some other event with you in the future. All the best to you and Andrew!”


Erin  |  Portland, Oregon

” You made me feel completely and totally at ease from the get go. I am not normally the type of person that will bare it all in front of a stranger and definitely not out in the great outdoors, but you made me feel like I should just go for it. If my friends ask about doing a boudoir session with you I will tell them “Yes Yes Yes!” I will tell them that you take beautiful and tasteful photos that are not your typical boudoir photos. You are flexible and fun, and make a person completely comfortable behind the camera.”


Susannah  |  London, United Kingdom

” I found myself on your site and just wanted to say you are so fucking talented. The weddings… the engagemnt sessions….. awesome. Just completely awesome. and gorgeous. and if i ever get married will you come shoot it? :)”


Shannon  |  Chico, California

” Briana is an extremely talented artist! Both myself and my husband are photographers so we were looking for someone who has a very unique and artistic style and yet still captured ‘us.’ And Briana did just that! She gave us images that are unique and filled with our personality. Images that I will cherish for years to come.”


Coquise  |  Austin, Texas

” From the beginning Briana is so comfortable and easy to be around. Nothing ever felt ‘posed’ and she calms any fears and answers any questions, she keeps communication up, I never had to harrass her to get back to me, she was very prompt! I am so incredibly happy that we chose to have our photos taken by Briana. I had seen her work on her website and her photos are BEAUTIFUL, they tell a story and have so much emotion stored in each one. I cannot think of a better thing to invest in on your wedding. These are pictures our great grand children will see. These are the kind of pictures you find in your grandma’s attic of relatives you never met but feel like you had. Their character is captured in a moment and now we have those of the most important day of our lives. I know I wouldn’t have been happy with anyone else!


Ali  |  Portland, Oregon

” There were so many amazing things about working with Briana. The first is that I knew that I would love her pictures. It was so amazing to come across Briana’s website. I had always wanted to do a boudoir session but had pretty much given up until I found Briana because other photographers didn’t really suit my style. Briana’s boudoir work is so beautiful and ethereal. She was also great to work with. Briana is fun and personable, and I felt comfortable right away. When I got the pictures back I was even more thrilled. Briana has the unique ability that each session she does is very different and really reflects the woman she is capturing while still maintaining her beautiful photographic style.”


Crystal  |  Sierra City, California

” Briana has a unique ability to capture the small details of a place and time. When I first saw the pictures of our wedding I was completely blown away by how radiant and life-like every inch of the photographs were.  She was able to capture different moods, and different times of day, and different landscapes–so that we have a full story of how the day progressed; not just how it looked, but how it felt.  The setting of our wedding was so important to us and Briana was able to bring to life not just the beauty of the place but why it was so important to us and to our guests.”