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A Few Thoughts on Homecoming


First thought: “Damn, it’s hot here!”

I am home.

Three days after my plane touched down in PDX I’m sitting in front of a fan flanked by dozing cats.  The heat is real and unlike anything I felt during my travels abroad.  And there’s a part of me, the part who grew up in the heat of California summers, that absolutely loves it.  Now that I’m home my mind is flocking towards long afternoon hikes, swimming holes, days on the river, camping in the woods, and sunsets over the ocean.  I long to get outside and experience my home state.

Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and New York were wonderful but my heart is in Oregon and forever on the West Coast.

In a week Andrew and I will be packing our bags again, bound for an unknown destination somewhere in Oregon or California or Washington.

This is just the beginning of a summer that holds many little adventures.


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