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A New Year

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Wow.  I can’t believe 2014 is here already.

So much has happened since the beginning of last year… 2013 was full of change.

I visited Portland for the very first time last winter, and now it’s my home.

I photographed Jade, the very first boudoir session that I feel truly captured my vision.

I assisted on the set of Film Season 2, making new friends from around the world and studying with some of my favorite photographers, an experience which still effects my actions nearly a year later.

I quit my job.  This was a big one for me, letting go of comfort in order to reach for something new.

2014 and I are setting off with a rough start, and though I’ve been isolated in my apartment for the last two days, I’m almost thankful for the sickness that’s kept me here.  After a whirlwind of holiday celebrations it has been nice to ground myself at home again.  This afternoon I cleaned my apartment, took a hot shower, made myself dinner, treated myself to a cup of my favorite tea, and decided to keep the TV off for the remainder of the evening.  These normal, everyday tasks are just what I needed, enjoying the small moments in between life’s adventures.

How did you celebrate the coming of the new year?  Did you stay home and reflect, make resolutions, or send off 2013 with a grand celebration?



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