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Three Personal Goals for 2016

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In years past I’ve made long lists of resolutions I never kept, chosen pretty words to help guide my actions throughout the course of a year, and simply ignored all things new year related and trudged forward with my life.

This year I decided to take a different path… of sorts. I have along list of business goals that all add up to “Do More, Work More, & Kick Some Photography ASS!” I’ve realized that in order to achieve my business goals, I really need to focus on myself, in becoming a better version of me. Instead of looking to the world for answers to my problems, a little inward focus is in order. As a self proclaimed introvert one might think this would come easily to me but it really doesn’t. While it’s true that I’m a natural observer, I often fall into the habit of spending too much mental energy on what everyone else is doing, and what I wish I could be doing, instead of actually DOING things.

In order to counteract any negatively charged feelings of not good enough I’ve chosen to focus on three simple goals in 2016. Each of these goals have larger and smaller steps that can be taken daily to help me stay on track with personal growth and through this personal growth, my business will naturally grow along with me. Win, win!

Pay Attention to My Body

Working from home for the last year and a half has been both beneficial and harmful for my body. The beneficial part mainly relates to sleep, no alarm clock screaming at me to get up before the sun rises means plenty of sleep for me. I don’t have a lot of stress in my work day and can easily eat and drink whatever and whenever I want. Since food and sleep are two very important things in my life, this makes me a pretty happy girl.

On the other side of things, some days I wake up and start working without ever changing out of my pajamas. Lets be real, this happens most days. I don’t leave the apartment because I work best from home and my days are spent sitting at a computer for hours and hours on end. As you can imagine, a little more focus on movement and personal appearance wouldn’t hurt.

Instead of complaining about aches and pains this year, I aim to do something about them. That something can be taking a yoga class, going for a walk, taking a nice hot bath, or simply getting up out of my chair to stretch for 5 minutes. If my body tells me “Hey! I wanna feel sexy!” then maybe I’ll shave my legs more often, find a new moisturizing location to slather on, or buy myself some new lingerie.

Each little step, no matter how small or seemingly insubstantial on its own, will help me feel like a more competent human being, and more like the woman I want to be.

Clear Away the Clutter

Last year Marie Kondo’s oh so popular book The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up entered my life and I promptly dumped all my clothes onto the floor and purged. It felt amazing!

This year I want to keep going with this process as a way to bring more order to my home. Running a business, living life, and hosting travelers in a one bedroom apartment takes its toll. My art desk has piles of boxes full of creative and business goodies stacked underneath, my kitchen cupboards are packed with odds and ends, and my closets are all full to the brim.

By clearing out what’s unnecessary in my home and life, I will be making way for the things I really love to take up more energy.

Embrace the Awkward & Say Hello

I’m an introvert through and through.

Large groups of people I don’t know make me nervous and I end up against a wall somewhere watching the room and keeping my mouth shut.

I am perfectly happy hanging out at home with my kitties, my man, and a good book. While this is all well and good, I feel like I need more interactions in my life. I want a reason to go out and do something new every week. I want to go exploring with people, host dinner parties, and feel comfortable being the first person to say hello. Starting conversations with strangers = THE WORST!

This year I’ve already taken two steps towards this goal. The first one was to get a part-time job at a local print shop where I can practice being out in public talking to strangers at least three days a week. (I’m super stoked for this by the way.) The other thing I did was sign up for a workshop / photo conference in Joshua Tree at the end of the month. I will be surrounded by 100+ creative and talented strangers and am going to work really hard on my conversation initiation skills. I’m super stoked for this one too, and a little nervous… What if nobody likes me?! I have these thoughts all the time. Time to over it and just say hello already!!!

By the way, if you’re a rad individual in the Portland area or happen to be attending Heck Yeah Photo Camp this year, please reach out! I’d love an excuse to set up some lunch dates, fun shoots, and mini road trips.

  • January 12, 2016 - 2:40 pm

    Wayne Smith - This is the part no one talks about being a person who works at home. Going on like six or more years now (time begins to slip working at home, too), the biggest thing I miss is being around people every day. I’m introverted, too, but I’ve learned life is pretty dull without that interaction. I think that must be why coworking spaces made an appearance when they did.

    What I’ve found to be the best thing is to start some kind of morning routine and make plans so that you can stay motivated day by day. Not that you were asking.

    Keep making magic in 2016, Bria!ReplyCancel

    • January 12, 2016 - 7:34 pm

      Briana Morrison - Coworking spaces are such a great idea! I never used one because I work really well from home and didn’t want to dish out the cash but its definitely an idea for the future. Still…. I love working from home with my feline companions. hahaReplyCancel

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