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A Very Special Holiday

The Oregon coast - An iPhone photograph by Briana Morrison+

I’ve been on an unofficial vacation for 10 days and it had nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

This morning I woke to a pain in my gut and the wonderfully comforting arms of my love, who was soon to be flying away to California.

For the last 10 days I hardly touched a computer as I did my best to savor every moment of his presence.  We adventured to the sea, indulged in cocktails, and spent a little too much on the wonders of Portland’s foodie scene.

But he has left now, so I have my couch to myself and am free again to write to you as the sun goes down and the cats snuggle into my feet.

Andrew and I have lived apart for four months now, after having lived together for 5 years, and it’s been a great, if difficult, experience.   I am learning to enjoy my own company again and am able to focus on my needs and the needs of my business.  He is taking some time to connect with his family and focus on personal growth.  Our communication is improving and we are working our way through some standing issues we may not have addressed so readily had we still been living in the same home.

I’ve learned that distance can be good, and though it’s hard, I believe it will pay off in the end.

This little experiment of ours frightened our friends and family but I believe a little outside the box thinking might just be the thing you need to take a relationship to the next level and get past a few hurdles that are standing in the way.

So until we share a home again, I will continue to savor these little vacations.  Our time together is precious and I hope never to forget it.


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