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Halloween Mini Sessions in Portland, Oregon

Halloween Mini Session with Jade Sheldon+

I love Halloween.  When I was a little girl dressing up was my favorite part with candy consumption coming a close second.  Now that I’m “too old” to go trick-or-treating not much has changed.  I still love costumes and dressing up, I devour candy throughout the whole month of October, and I watch all the movies I was too scared to watch the rest of the year.

Looking back, I can’t help but wish I had better documentation of my costumes.  As a kid I would variate between dressing up as a witch with a long grey wig and pointy hat and dressing like a little devil – horns, tail, pitchfork and all.  When I was in about 5th grade I remember dressing in roller skates to go trick-or-treating all by myself in my new neighborhood.  I can’t remember the rest of my costume, just the look on this old man’s face when he answered the door and said, “aren’t you a little too old for this?”  Crushed!

Since then I have hosted or attended Halloween parities, seizing every opportunity to dress up as fairies, hippies, gypsies, marionettes, dolls, and bad-ass dominatrix chicks.  Some of these costumes were epic and throughout the years I’ve seen some VERY impressive costuming by others, but when all the revelry is finished and the costumes are sadly ruined or packed carefully away there’s a lot of stories going around about how amazing so-and-so’s costume was but no pretty pictures to back it up.  If you’re lucky you’ll catch a glimpse of a poorly exposed iPhone snapshot taken in someone’s kitchen while everyone’s drinking shots.  And those photographs are great (don’t get me wrong) but sometimes I want something a little more artistic, in character, and polished.

This year I decided to do something a little different for Halloween.  For Halloween weekend, Friday through Sunday, I will be offering mini sessions to help you  properly document all the hard work you’ve put into your costume.  For $100 you get 30 minutes of fun time in front of my camera and 5 high resolution photographs to share wherever you like.  Just email me at Hello [at] to book!

Jade "Robin" Saves the Day! - Halloween Mini Sessions by Briana Morrison+

Jade Sheldon as Robin by Briana Morrison Photography - Halloween Mini Sessions+

Jade Sheldon as Robin from Batman - Halloween Mini Sessions in Portland, OR by Briana Morrison+

POW! Jade as Robin from Batman by Briana Morrison+

Halloween Mini Sessions in Portland, OR by Briana Morrison+

Doesn’t Jade make a great Robin?!



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