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Portland, Oregon Costume Session with Jessica Hayes

Costume Session with Jessica Hayes by Briana Morrison+

One of my favorite parts about dressing up is shopping for the pieces that will make my costume come to life.  Sometimes most of my shopping is done in my closet, pulling together pieces that I’ve collected over the years and finishing them off with the perfect mask or wig found at a local costume shop.  Other times I dig through piles of old clothes in vintage stores searching for just the right elements to create my costume story.

For Jessica’s costume session I collaborated with Heather Gathuru, a Portland stylist and talented makeup and hair artist, to create two distinct looks.  For our first look we went the rout of gothic cat woman complete with stripy thigh-highs, a studded bra, fishnet top, and cat mask.  Our next look took costuming to another level.  Jessica’s crow costume included a feathered mask and beautiful feathered wings – both items readily available at a local costume shop.  We paired these signature pieces with a leather bodice, black gloves, leather thigh-highs, fishnets, and chunky black boots to finish off the look.

Both of these costumes are fairly easy to create using items from your closet and local lingerie stores.  Stop by your favorite costume shop to find the finishing pieces and you’ve got yourself a great costume!

Gothic Cat Costume Session by Briana Morrison+

Jessica Hayes as Gothic Cat Woman by Briana Morrison+

Jessica as The Crow photographed by Briana Morrison+

Cos Play in Portland, Oregon - Photographed by Briana Morrison+

Cosplay in Portland, Oregon photographed by Briana Morrison+

Black feather crow costume photographed by Briana Morrison+

Costume Session in Portland, Oregon photographed by Briana Morrison+

Halloween Mini Sessions in Portland, OR by Briana Morrison+

Model: Jessica Hayes
Styling, Hair, & Makeup: Heather Gathuru


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