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Traveling, Be Back Soon

Travel photography in Potsdam, Germany by Briana Morrison+

This is my last full day in Berlin.

I’ve been traveling / living in Berlin, Germany for a full month and the time flew by so quickly. I’ve neglected this space, letting my plans to blog regularly fall into nonexistence.  Instead I’ve been shooting, networking, collaborating, walking for miles and miles, discovering new places and pieces of myself, and loving nearly every minute of it.

Tomorrow I fly away to Rome, the adventure continues for another month as I visit Italy for the first time, visit an old friend in the Netherlands, spend a long sunlit night in Iceland, and finally make my way back across the ocean for a little adventure in Manhattan before returning home.

I can’t wait to share my adventures with you.  And I will, I promise.  Just give me one more month to grow and create and soon I will be here again with new stories and beautiful photographs from around the world.

Meanwhile, I hope you take some time to soak in some adventures of your own.


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