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A Weekend Away

A dry creek bed with raccoon tracks+

To say it’s been hot in Chico is quite an understatement. While the temperatures have remained in the triple digits for the last 5 days my poor little house has yet to cool down below 90 degrees.

I get home from a nice air conditioned office and immediately strip out of my work clothes in exchange for something a little more revealing and much much cooler.

Then my to-do list stretches into oblivion as I flop on the couch and click on the TV, too hot and miserable to lift more than a finger.

So, to say I’m excited to run away to the mountains this weekend is not quite apt. Though the days will still reach 95 degrees the evenings, at least, will be nice and cool. No more sweat drenched restless nights or sleeping on an air mattress in what was once my dining room.

This weekend I will soak in the cool(er) air and prepare for another hot week back home.

  • July 9, 2013 - 8:39 pm

    Sadie Rose - i escaped to the mountains this weekend, too! just got home to the heat today. oof.

    loving your blog.

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