Bidwell Park Wedding | Chico, CA | Anne & Stephen

How We Met

The story of how I met Anne is a long and somewhat strange one.

While we were both in high school her mom and my dad started to date. They were together for a few good years, long enough for Anne’s mom, Anke, to make a lasting impression on me – both with her German language, German food, and incredible free spirit.

Anne and I spent a few crazy summer nights together in our youth, doing things we probably shouldn’t be doing like sneaking into music festivals and forbidden pools. We even attended the same high school for a few hours a day during the first half of my senior year.

Over time our parents went their separate ways and so did Anne and I. Though I remained friends with her mom through Facebook and

random meetings, I hadn’t heard from Anne in years. Then one day I got an email – she wanted me to be her wedding photographer!

A Bidwell Park Wedding

Anne and Stephen got married in my hometown – Chico, California. Their drool-worthy first look took place at a beautifully shaded meadow in Lower Bidwell where they were surrounded by ancient, towering Oak trees, tall golden grasses, and too many caterpillars and butterflies to count. Their beautiful Bidwell Park wedding ceremony and reception was held at the mother-of-the-bride’s home on the edge of Upper Bidwell.

The ceremony took place on a sun drenched patio decorated with string lights and handmade log planters filled with succulents – a gift from the father of the bride. A true showman, Anne’s step-dad officiated the ceremony while Anne & Stephen’s vows brought tears of joy to their guests. The ceremony ended in true German fashion with a log sawing ceremony – A beautiful white Birch log, representing the married couple’s first obstacle, was sawed through by the bride and groom while their guests cheered them on. And let me tell you, they conquered the sh*t out of that obstacle!

Happily Ever After

After a beautiful buffet dinner, laughter, tears, toasts, and a heartwarming first dance; Anne and Stephen decided to spend some much needed one-on-one time together during sunset. Together we walked into Upper Bidwell to capture that magical golden hour light and the newlyweds were finally hit with reality – They just got married!

Venue: Bidwell Park
Bidwell Park Wedding Photographer: Briana Morrison
Officiant: Stepfather of the Bride
Catering: Roots Catering

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