A Backyard Wedding | Gridley, CA | Kimberly & Andy

Gridley Wedding Photography by Briana Morrison

Kimberly and Andy’s Story: Kimberly’s Version

Andy and I met working in Northern Virginia on a 2013 House of Delegates campaign. Andy was the campaign manager, I was a consultant. We flirted for a few months, I confessed my love, he confessed he wanted to be…friends. We were friendly acquaintances for several years after, meeting up for drinks or dinner once in awhile and talking politics. He came to his senses in late 2016 after a long night of drinking and talking at a local bar, we were long distance for the first year of our relationship while he managed a congressional campaign in Texas, and have been living in Northern VA since April 2018.

One of my favorite things about Andy is how passionate he is about the world and those who live in it. He’s passionate about social justice, passionate about civil rights, and passionate about the health of our planet. He’s always coming from the perspective of compassion and giving people and their behavior the benefit of the doubt. He’s a passionate feminist, and works to understand those around him and their experiences without assuming they’re the same as his. He’s also passionate about sports, though all the wrong teams.

He’s the most loving dog owner. Our Staffordshire Terrier Millie is truly the light of his life. We’re both “those people” about our dog (which I swore I would never be), but she such a sweet and goofy girl (most of the time). Her devotion to Andy is full and complete, and it’s reciprocated (she loves me too but it took her a year of living together to decide I wasn’t trying to dog-nap her if I took her on a walk without Andy).

I also love that he’s quick to laugh, always ready with a joke or quip, and smiling about 80% of the day, every day. The way he folds his t-shirts drives me crazy though. So, tradeoffs.

I’m most excited for those we love to be in one place on our wedding day. Andy and I have both moved a lot as adults, and live very far from most of our loved ones, so the opportunity to be surrounded by the relationships we value at one time in one place is incredible. Also excited for the donut bar.

We decided to get married in Gridley after a fair amount of hand-wringing. I’m from CA but my family is all over the West, Andy is from Indiana but his family and friends are spread out all over the country, we live in Virginia…there wasn’t a logical place logistically to do it. We toyed briefly with the idea of just picking somewhere in Kansas or something so everyone had to travel equal distances, but, no. It was really important to Andy to get married in the Catholic church, and the only Catholic Church I was willing to get married in was the one I grew up going to in Gridley. Once we had that decided, we chose my parents backyard very quickly as the reception venue. There aren’t a lot of venues in the area to begin with (and fewer still that I haven’t been to a million weddings or quinceaneras at), but also the idea of having at their home, in a rural setting, just felt right for the experience we’re hoping to give our out of town guests.

We’re getting married in November because we both work in politics and our lives are driven by the election cycles. Spring isn’t great because of primaries in various states, and Sept-early Nov we’re both chained to our desks 18 hours a day. 2019 is a less busy year for us both than 2020 will be (I only have elections in NJ for 2019 while he is prepping for 2020 at this point). Neither of us wanted a summer wedding in Gridley when it’s ten million degrees, and rain basically ruled out winter as well. SO! November 16th was the date the church was available, so that’s the date we went with. We decided to lean into the fall theme hard, autumn harvest wedding is basically our “theme” (though “getting married to one another” is actually the only theme we need I suppose). We’ll also try to incorporate the work we do into our day in small ways, and we hope the values we share will be on display as well.

I’ll let Andy share what he loves about me most (COUGH COUGH BILYK).

Kimberly and Andy’s Story: Andy’s Version

Well thank you Kimberly for those very kind words. I’m excited to marry you and start the rest of our lives together. 

I won’t be as eloquent as Kimberly, but here it goes. I don’t have anything to add in terms of how we met. I think Kimberly explained it pretty completely. One thing regarding the wedding itself I wanted to mention is that we are going to incorporate a few Ukrainian traditions that reflect my heritage and I really appreciate that Kimberly has been so willing and wanting to add those elements.

I think a lot of the things Kimberly loves about me, I in turn love about her, such as her passion of social, criminal, environmental, racial and other justices. She challenges me to think about different viewpoints and to be a more empathetic person every day.  I appreciate her genuine kindness towards others who are different than her, and her ability to be able to strike up a conversation with a stranger, even though she says she’s an introvert. Kimberly is also a very uplifting person, who believes in me and is extremely supportive of my career. She also overlooks my idiosyncrasies and tolerates my non-stop sarcasm. I guess that’s the only way one could survive it. Kimberly is also incredibly loving of our dog, Millie, even though she was hesitant to admit early on that she is also one of “those people” about our dog. Although I don’t like how often Kimberly feeds Millie human food or how long Kimberly takes to put her already folded laundry away, I think Kimberly is an amazing and beautiful person both inside and out. I have to also mention Kimberly is a very funny person who makes me laugh all the time. And I love to see her laugh as well. The world is a better place for having her in it. (I believe it and I needed some sort of closing here).

Gridley, CA Wedding Vendors

Reception Venue: Bride’s Childhood Home in Gridley, CA
Ceremony Venue: Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Florals: Wishing Corner
Catering: Esteban’s Tacos, Burgers and Brews
DJ: Chris Jensen at The Wedding DJ Company
The Suit: The Black Tux
The Dress: Eddy K from Blush Bridal
Wedding Photographer: Briana Morrison Photography

The bride gets ready in her family home in Gridley, CA. Photography by Briana Morrison
Super cute family and bridesmaid photos in the back yard at this Gridley, CA wedding.
Groomsmen pose for photos at the Catholic Church in Gridley, CA.
Wedding guests prepare for the ceremony to begin at this Catholic wedding in Gridley, CA
A Sacred Heart Catholic Church Wedding ceremony in Gridley, CA
A Sacred Heart Catholic Church wedding in Gridley, CA photographed by Briana Morrison
Catholic wedding in Gridley, CA by Briana Morrison
Gridley, CA wedding
Gridley Wedding Photography by Briana Morrison
Gridley Wedding Photography by Briana Morrison
Gridley Wedding Photography by Briana Morrison
Gridley Wedding Photography by Briana Morrison
A backyard wedding in Gridley, CA photographed by Briana Morrison
Wedding guests celebrate at this backyard wedding in Gridley, CA
A backyard wedding in Gridley, CA photographed by Briana Morrison
A backyard wedding in Gridley, CA photographed by Briana Morrison
A backyard wedding reception dace party in Gridley, CA. Photography by Briana Morrison
A backyard wedding reception dace party in Gridley, CA. Photography by Briana Morrison

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