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About the Artist

About The Artist - A few of my favorite things include tarot, food, succulents, cats, and Polaroids.


Meet Briana Morrison

Photographer  |  Traveler  |  Blogger  |  Foodie

My husband and I live in the gorgeous country of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a small town called Graeagle, California. We chose to move in with my husband’s 98- year- old grandfather in a house his grandparents custom built in the 1970’s. We are perched on top of a cliff with a picturesque view of the Feather River Canyon, grand skies, and a sweet little family of deer who wander into our yard daily. That’s right, we live in a dream.

We transplanted ourselves here after a 3 year stint in Portland, Oregon; a city we truly love and were sad to leave. In fact, I miss Portland like crazy and make sure to travel to the dreamy Pacific Northwest as often as possible which really means, every other month or so. Minimum.

A Few Facts about Me:

Travel is necessary for happiness and one of my biggest fears is not being able to wander the world anymore. That and spiders, I hate spiders. I love midcentury design almost as much as I love epic fantasy novels with badass female characters. I love trespassing, talking to cats like they’re people, working in my PJs, eating all the foods, dancing like a weirdo in my kitchen, and road tripping with my man and my dog #ThistleTheWhippet.

My Mission

To create genuine, honest, unique photography that captures the true essence of my subject, who they are at their core. There is no judgement, only celebration for those little intricacies that make each of us unique.



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