Prospect Park Engagement | Brooklyn, NY | Matt & Laura

Cute couple posing for engagement photos at the Boathouse in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Photos by Briana Morrison

A Casual, Documentary Style Brooklyn NY Engagement

When Matt and Laura contacted be about photographing their Brooklyn NY Engagement I got so excited to document their love in the city. We photographed their engagement session in August so you can only imagine how hot and humid it was. Think, sweat dripping down your legs as soon as you walk outside and you’ll be close. Nevertheless, Matt and Laura looked amazing!

Because there are so many beautiful sights in the city, Matt and Laura decided on an all day adventure session for their Brooklyn NY engagement portraits.

Chapter 1: Brooklyn Botanic Garden

We met for a super tasty brunch before heading into the Brooklyn Botanic Garden where we braved the extra humidity for the opportunity to shoot amidst lush tropical foliage and a beautiful desert garden.

The gardens were filled with people, something you get used to when living in a city, and Matt & Laura didn’t let it keep them from documenting some sweet moments together.

Brooklyn NY engagement portraits in Brooklyn Botanic Garden - a man and woman walk companionably through a lush garden.
A couple admire cactus in Brooklyn Botanic Garden during their Brooklyn NY engagement session.

Chapter 2: Prospect Park

We walked through the gardens and into Prospect Park – a beautiful park designed by the same people who created Central Park in Manhattan. Matt and Laura guided me to The Boathouse in Prospect Park where I immediately started drooling over the dreamy architecture and algae covered pond. This place was seriously gorgeous and made a perfect backdrop for their engagement session.

Chapter 3: The Brooklyn Museum

After the park we decided that we needed to escape the heat so we walked back through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and made our way to the Brooklyn Museum for some much needed air conditioning. After a brief but lovely stroll through the museum, taking in art works I’d only ever seen in history books, we celebrated the day over a well deserved feast of pizza and cocktails.

A wide frame image of the lobby inside of Brooklyn Museum with a man and woman standing inside for their Brooklyn NY engagement session
A couple stand side by side looking at framed paintings at the Brooklyn Museum during their documentary Brooklyn NY engagement session. Photo is taken from behind and cropped just above the waist of the couple.

From beginning to end it was plain to me that Matt and Laura are truly wonderful people with big hearts and generous spirits. Meeting and photographing them on that hot August day was one of the highlights of my year and I can’t wait to visit them again some day soon.

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