Smith Rock Engagement Portraits | Cooper & Jason

How can I describe this magical place?

We visited in early June and it was hot but still lush and green near the river. The mountain range felt small (I grew up near the Sierra Nevadas) and quite grand all at once.

The most striking feature is the way the rocks jut up from the earth so suddenly.

Smith Rock State Park is just a short drive from Bend, Oregon and is well worth the trip. Many people visit this place to go rock climbing or day hike. Whatever your reason for visiting, I recommend bringing a bag full of snacks and a good amount of water to keep you hydrated.

Smith Rock Engagement Portraits

When Cooper and Jason spoke with me about their session they mentioned how much they love to adventure together in their vintage RV. They asked me if there were any places I’ve been dying to visit and Smith Rock was it.

Their adventure engagement session took place in the late afternoon so we could capture that beautiful golden hour light that turns the mountains, you guessed it, gold.

Tips For Your Engagement Session

If you’re planning to take your engagement portraits at Smith Rock State Park I highly recommend photographing your session in the early morning hours on a hot day or late in the afternoon when the weather is more mild.

The sunlight is much more flattering and dramatic when it comes from the side at the beginning or end of the day while the midday, high noon sunlight can be quite harsh and will create dark shadows under your eyes.

Wear comfortable shoes, bring a couple changes of clothes, and simply enjoy the beautiful landscape you’re in. If you’re an outdoorsy person, plan to spend the day in this beautiful landscape soaking up all the views but please be sure to pack the sunscreen.

Book Your Engagement Session at Smith Rock State Park

If you’re as in love with this landscape as I am I highly recommend you plan to take some Smith Rock engagement portraits! Visit our Love & Engagement services page to learn all about how we approach engagement photography and get pricing for our Adventure Sessions. We’d love to explore with you!

Smith Rock State Park Engagement Portraits

Smith Rock Engagement Portraits

Smith Rock Engagement Portraits

Smith Rock Engagement Portraits


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