Meet Thistle, Our Whippet Puppy!


Thistle, the whippet puppy from Portland, Oregon

Almost three months ago my husband and I picked up this little bundle from the airport. She was just 8 weeks old, 5.5 lbs, and more cuddly than I ever could have hoped.

Thistle is the newest addition to our family. She’s a blue brindle whippet puppy and her favorite activities include chewing on sticks while laying in patches of sunny grass, chasing us on the beach, and snuggling up for a nice long snooze in our bed.

Her two cat sisters aren’t quite sure what to do about her yet and they mostly keep to the cat tower and shoe closet during the day. At night they serenade us with their meows, venting their frustration at the dog in their bed sleeping with their humans.

Thistle just graduated from puppy school (Wonder Puppy in NW Portland, they’re amazing!) and is officially a “Good Puppy” though we still have a few things to work on. She can sit, stay, lay down, go to place, leave it, drop it, take it, and she’s getting much better on the leash. We can actually walk around the block in less than 30 minutes now! 😉

Oh puppy life! I knew it would be tough and I knew I’d fall for her sweet little puppy eyes but I had no idea how much it would change our lives. We are fully immersed in the canine world, taking things one day at a time and loving almost every minute of it.

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