Love & Engagement Photography

Whether you just got engaged or simply want to document your new or seasoned love, this is going to be a blast! We approach couples photography like we're headed off on a fun friend date that just happens to be with a photographer who is going to get some great photographs to document the day. It's casual, there's zero pressure to be "cool", and we'll have loads of fun.

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Why take couples PORTRAITS?

You're in love, and your love deserves to be documented.

How many times have you gone on an adventure, a fun date, or simply had a great day in with your partner? My guess is you've done each of these things more than a few times and you've only got a handful of selfies and snapshots of food to remember them by. Love and Engagement sessions are the perfect solution for this shortage of photographic memories.


During your session we will capture your true selves, your own unique version of weird, and tell the story of who you are as a couple on a daily basis.

Our Approach

It comes as no surprise that the majority of our clients start out feeling uncomfortable with the camera. We get it. We have been in your shoes and know what it's like to feel awkward while a camera is pointed in our direction. We help you overcome this feeling and create flattering portraits in a couple of different ways.


Direction vs. Posing

We will guide you into natural postures vs. posing you in a stiff and uncomfortable way. We will guide you into actions or conversations that feel natural to you and bring out the loving and happy emotions you want to see in your photographs. This will bring your focus off of the cameras and onto each other which always makes for beautiful portraits. If you feel like you need even more guidance we are here for you and will help you find the most flattering angles and lighting.


Building Trust

Your trust in our ability to take a flattering portrait is so valuable and will lead to even better photographs. To help build this trust we will give you a peek at our camera screens a couple of times throughout your session so that you can see how truly amazing you both look. We will get silly with you and and generally make your photography experience as relaxed and as enjoyable as possible.


Pro Tip - Booking an engagement session is the perfect way to build trust and warm up with the camera before your wedding day!

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Alicia & Trenton

"Wow, wow, wow! Our engagement photos from Bria are AMAZING. She is so gifted at photography, and I'm so glad I listened to my gut on working with her to tell our story.


What we were most impressed with is how deeply she listened to us... To have the photos come out like our authentic, silly, loving selves was really heartwarming.


She has an easygoing attitude that puts you at ease yet comes prepared, plus has a very thoughtful eye for all the details. You will be in great hands if you decide to go with her."

Love & Engagement Collections & Pricing

Each of these love and engagement sessions includes two or more hours of photography coverage, 10 or more digital photograph downloads, and a super fun reveal session + design consultation where we will choose your favorite photographs together. We'll design albums and wall art so that you can experience these photographs in your lives each day - a little reminder of this super magical time in your lives.

In Home Session

During this session we will photograph inside and around your home. Your in home session can be as intimate or cozy as you'd like it to be - some opt for a boudoir-eque session while others just want to be with their fur babies. The general idea is that we will capture your love in a space that tells a story about who you are and where you are at this moment in time.

Starting Rate | $700

Full Day Adventure Session

Let's go on an adventure together! This session includes a full day of wandering , photographing, eating, and photographing some more. Think of it like you're going on a day trip with the love of your life and happen to have a friend + photographer along to document every moment of this day. Explore the coast, the desert, the mountains, that one town you've always wanted to visit... The options are endless!

Starting Rate | $1500

OG Love & Engagement Session

For a couple hours we'll go on a "date" together and I'll photograph your love. We can wander around town visiting places that mean something to the two of you, choose a favorite neighborhood to explore, or venture out into The Gorge to catch some waterfalls and epic views.

Starting Rate | $700

Love & Engagement Sessions on the blog

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Do you travel?

Yes! Though we are based in Portland, Oregon we travel often for love & engagement sessions along the West Coast and destinations around the world. Travel fees are dependent upon location so please contact us and we will work out a custom quote for you and your destination.

Do you have insurance? What about backup cameras?

Yes and yes! We are fully insured and always have a minimum of 2 camera bodies with us for every session, an assortment of lenses, and a few artificial light options.

Do you shoot with film?

While we primarily shoot with digital cameras and edit our photographs to resemble a more timeless film-inspired look, we do offer film photography as an add-on to your session. You can choose from a number of different traditional film styles as well as fine art Polaroid photography.

How do we book?

Contact us to set up a Zoom meeting and we'll chat all about your photography needs and pick out the perfect photography collection for you. Once you sign a contract and pay your retainer then the date will officially be yours and we'll start planning your session.

will we get all of our photos?

While we want you to to own and enjoy every photograph you love from your session, we believe in printing your artwork. While it's not required, we encourage you to order wall art and albums - allowing you to experience these photographs in your daily lives. Every photograph you order in print will also be given to you as a digital download. Each session also includes a minimum 10 photographs as digital downloads for no additional charge.

Do you feel comfortable shooting indoors / outside / with flash?

Yes! We've been photographing life for 13 years in all different locations and lighting scenarios. While we prefer natural and ambient light, we are skilled with using flash or artificial light sources as needed. We love photographing in both indoor and outdoor locations.

Can we add on time to our photography coverage after we book with you?

Yes! If you choose an In Home Session or OG Love & Engagement Session your contract will have a rate listed for add-on hours. If you'd rather not worry about adding on time we recommend selecting the Adventure Session for zero time constraints.