5 Unique Ways to Elevate the Guest Experience at Your Wedding

Five Unique Wedding Guest Experiences

When it comes to your wedding day, you want to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. While lawn games are a classic choice, why not take it a step further and infuse your celebration with a touch of novelty and excitement? From interactive entertainment to memorable weekend activities, here are five fun and unique wedding guest experiences that will level up your event.

The bride at their Mt. Hood Organic Farms wedding

1. Enlist a Portrait Artist and Appeal to Their Curiosity

Capture the essence of your guests and provide them with a cherished keepsake by hiring a local portrait artist. Guests will delight in sitting for a personalized portrait, adding an artistic touch to your wedding. The artist can capture their unique personalities, allowing them to take home a beautiful memento that will remind them of the special day. We recommend Karlee Patton’s “Bad Portraits” Not only does Karlee draw portraits of your guests, she also asks them questions and includes their answers in her illustrations making for a very unique and fun little guest book.

Hire a portrait artist to level up the guest experience at your wedding, bringing joy to your guests.

2. Introduce a Tarot Reader for Added Intrigue

Add an element of mystique and intrigue to your wedding by including a tarot reader. Guests can learn about tarot and have their cards read, providing them with a unique and personal experience. This interactive activity is not only entertaining but also creates a memorable conversation starter. One of our favorite tarot readers in the Portland area is Onyx Marie – she’s so good!

Luke & Rachel get married at the top of a mountain in Tahoe, California

3. Transform Your Day into a Long Weekend for Endless Bonding

Extend the celebrations beyond a single day by turning your wedding into a long weekend event. Plan pre- and post-wedding activities, such as hiking excursions, you-pick peaches, wine tasting tours, or hot spring dips; allowing you and your guests to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and spend quality time together. This not only adds excitement and anticipation but also creates a sense of camaraderie among your loved ones.

Bonus Tip: Choose a location for your wedding that will feel like an experience all on it’s own. Beautiful locations that feel new and novel to your guests give them an added level of excitement just by being in such a gorgeous place. Luke and Rachel (pictured above) chose to get married on the top of a mountain in Tahoe, California, a location that was only accessible by gondola; providing both a unique view and allowing for lots of great weekend activities for their guests.

Guliana and Dan take in the cheers from their guests after finishing their first dance on their wedding day.

4. Hire a Dance Instructor to Learn Something New

Get the party started and bring everyone to the dance floor by hiring a dance instructor. They can teach your guests some fun dance moves or even offer mini-lessons in different styles throughout the evening. From salsa to swing to hip-hop, this interactive experience will have everyone grooving and create a lively atmosphere that will be remembered long after the last dance. Make sure you tell your DJ! If you’re in the Portland, OR area, check out Jess The Ripper for some excellent party vibes or hire DJ Jimbo for some vintage tunes on vinyl.

Bonus Tip: Giuliana & Dan (pictured above) hired a dance instructor to coordinate their first dance and OMG did she deliver! Their dance was complete with multiple lifts, dips, and spins; their guests went wild with cheers and it set the stage for an incredible dance party.

Food as a unique wedding guest experience. For a foodie wedding experience, include local delicacies to treat your guests.

5. Elevate Your Wedding with A Foodie Experience

Level up the guest experience at your wedding by incorporating the local food scene into your celebration. Consider offering local delicacies and a culinary experience that reflects the essence of your wedding location.

Tantalizing the taste buds with regional flavors can be a memorable highlight of your special day. From farm-fresh produce to artisanal dishes, embracing the local food culture adds a delicious and authentic touch to your wedding festivities, making it an event to savor in every sense.

Client Example: Kirsten & Jasen treated their wedding guests to the ultimate California coastal foodie experience by bringing in tins of locally made sturgeon caviar, sea urchin strait from the farm, and delicious abalone steaks cooked over an open flame by some of San Francisco’s top chefs.

Unique wedding guest experiences to make sure everyone has a great time

Your wedding is a chance to create an extraordinary experience for your guests, one that goes beyond the ordinary. By incorporating these unique and fun elements, such as a portrait artist, a tarot reader, a long weekend of activities, and hiring a dance instructor, you’ll ensure that your guests are not only celebrating your love but also enjoying a truly unforgettable and personalized experience. Make your wedding a reflection of your creativity and love for your guests, leaving them with memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

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