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5 Unique Ways to Elevate the Guest Experience at Your Wedding

Unique wedding guest experiences that will give them a day to remember

Five Unique Wedding Guest Experiences When it comes to your wedding day, you want to create an unforgettable experience for your guests. While lawn games are a classic choice, why not take it a step further and infuse your celebration with a touch of novelty and excitement? From interactive entertainment to memorable weekend activities, here...

Tips for a Calm Wedding Morning

Wedding Morning Prep

Getting Ready: 6 Wedding Morning Tips  The morning before your wedding is about more than just becoming wedding ceremony ready. This time is about soaking up those final moments of anticipation, exchanging knowing glances with your wedding party, receiving an outpouring of love from friends and family, and basking in the oohs and ahhs of...

Why We Love Portland Studio Engagement Portraits

Portland Studio Engagement Portraits by Briana Morrison Photography

Portland Studio Engagement Portraits When Madeline and TJ asked me to do their engagement portraits they had something very specific in mind. They wanted their portraits to be inside a minimal space with great natural light. They also wanted their engagement photographs to be more formal with structured posing and relatively stoic expressions. And they...

5 Tips for a Sacred (and Photogenic) Wedding Ceremony

5 Photo-Friendly Wedding Ceremony Tips From the aisle to the altar, to the wedding vows, ring exchange, and first kiss, so many of the most meaningful moments of a couple’s wedding happen during the ceremony. But nonetheless, the wedding ceremony remains one of the most overlooked parts of a wedding day. In many ways, it’s...

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